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Warewulf is a scalable systems management suite originally developed to manage large high-performance Linux clusters.

About Warewulf

Warewulf is a operating system management toolkit designed to facilitate large scale deployments of systems on physical, virtual and cloud based infrastructures. It facilitates elastic and large deployments consisting of groups of homogenous systems.

Originally, the Warewulf project pioneered the concept of stateless computing in HPC, setting the standard for large-scale cluster provisioning but in a limited way. Through many years of development Warewulf changed shape and form to grow past its original design and become the leading scale out operating systems management platform.

Today, Warewulf is more than just a basic provisioning and monitoring solution as it now implements an abstract, object-oriented data store and a modular interface which facilitates a highly extensible, customizable feature set. Current and planned modules include monitoring (operating system, services, filesystems, etc.), provisioning, power management, user management, configuration management, event/trigger handling and notification, scheduler integration, cloud services (both local and remote), etc.

This project is licensed under an Open Source (BSD-like) license, is developed by the US Department of Energy, and supporters/contributors from numerous national labs, universities, as well as hardware, software and services vendors.

Project Goals