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Welcome to the Warewulf Project

Warewulf is a scalable systems manage toolkit originally developed to manage large high performance Linux clusters. It is a flexible solution that has proven itself to be scalable and easy to use.


2011.11.03 - Warewulf version 3.1 has been released!

It is with great pleasure that we make available the 3.1 release of Warewulf Common, Provision, VNFS, and IPMI available! Please download the source code from our Download page.

2011.07.26 - Warewulf Common, and the provisioning stack have been released at version 3.0!

For over a decade, Warewulf has helped to shape the direction of the High Performance Computing industry and today I am happy to announce the immediate release and general availability of the next generation of Warewulf!

Warewulf Common, Provision, and VNFS have all been released at 3.0 and can be obtained in source code form from our Download page.

2011.07.21 - Warewulf 3.0 almost ready, and IPMI testers needed

Warewulf Common, Provision, and VNFS was just about ready to be released when several bug reports were submitted. Those have been fixed at this point, and we are just finishing up testing now.

In parallel the Warewulf IPMI package is also undergoing development, and the auto configuration for IPMI on the nodes from within the provisioning bootstrap needs testing against the different vendor's implementations. Vendors? Step on up! :)

2011.07.06 - Warewulf goes BETA!

On behalf of the Warewulf development team I am happy to announce the first public release of the following Warewulf components:

  •  Warewulf-common-2.9.0: The Warewulf core that contains the primary datastore interface, utility libraries, module and event drivers.
  •  Warewulf-provision-2.9.0: Warewulf provisioning module capable of imaging systems configured in the datastore either stateful or stateless.
  •  Warewulf-vnfs-2.9.0: Scripts and tools for creating and managing VNFS (and bootstrap) images for Warewulf Provision.

The release of these three components together makes up the initial beta Warewulf provisioning and systems management functionality.

2011.06.22 - Second alpha release

Thank you to our testers, contributors, and support team we have identified many areas that needed, uhmm... optimization. A result of this is that the alpha stage is going a little longer then anticipated, but at the same time the first stable release should be much more tested and intuitive. Check out the builds for the second alpha at:

EDIT: Minor bug fix, use this release instead:

2011.06.07 - Warewulf goes ALPHA!

We are happy to announce the alpha availability of Warewulf core, provision, and vnfs! Download the Alpha/testing release from:

Presently we have some basic documentation in the form of quick starts and recipes and will begin working on a more comprehensive user guide shortly!

We need testers, so if you are interested please join our Google Groups? and let us know!