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Welcome to the Warewulf Project

Warewulf is a scalable systems manage toolkit originally developed to manage large high performance Linux clusters. It is a flexible solution that has proven itself to be scalable and easy to use.


2001.06.22 - Second alpha release

Thank you to our testers, contributors, and support team we have identified many areas that needed, uhmm... optimization. A result of this is that the alpha stage is going a little longer then anticipated, but at the same time the first stable release should be much more tested and intuitive. Check out the builds for the second alpha at:

EDIT: Minor bug fix, use this release instead:

2011.06.07 - Warewulf goes ALPHA!

We are happy to announce the alpha availability of Warewulf core, provision, and vnfs! Download the Alpha/testing release from:

Presently we have some basic documentation in the form of quick starts and recipes and will begin working on a more comprehensive user guide shortly!

We need testers, so if you are interested please join our Google Groups? and let us know!