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     1= User Management for Provisioned Nodes = 
     2Managing users on the nodes requires generally 2 stages. The first is making sure the users home directory and environment is present on the nodes. The second is getting the users credentials and user information to the nodes.  
     4== User's environments == 
     5This requires the home directory of the user(s) in question to be shared to the nodes. NFS is a typical solution for this, but because there are so many methods and variables for doing this we will make the assumption you have already done this in a manner that works for your environment. 
     7Once the user's home directory is present on the nodes, enabling passwordless ssh is as easy as generating a ssh keypair without a passphrase, and copying the public key to authorized_keys for each user as follows: 
     10$ ssh-keygen 
     11$ cat ~/.ssh/*.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 
     14== User credentials == 
     15Managing users with the ''File'' Warewulf interface can be done as follows: 
     18$ sudo su - 
     19# wwsh file import /etc/passwd 
     20# wwsh file import /etc/group 
     21# wwsh provision set --fileadd passwd,group 
     24This will cause all nodes to have these two files provisioned when the boot, and updated within 5 minutes. 
     26Whenever updates are made to the password file (e.g. a user is added) to update the files within Warewulf, you must run: 
     29$ sudo wwsh file sync