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Documentation is always a work in progress... If you wish to contribute to our documentation maintain the existing structure. Any new branches or changes should be vetted and gotten approval on the development email list. Problems with the documentation should be reported to either email list, a ticket created, or reported specifically to one of the lead maintainers. - thank you

General Warewulf

Warewulf Subprojects, Components, and Plugins


Warewulf recipes are designed to be brief command based walk throughs of what you would need to type or do to reach a particular endpoint. If you need details of what you are doing, why you are doing it, or how something works, this is not the place! Contributions should be in the form of specific command examples such that somebody can for the most part copy/paste the content to obtain the desired results with only brief explanations (if any).


Stateless Provisioning

Building a Beowulf style cluster

Node Health Check with the Scheduler