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Active Tickets (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#64 nodeconfig.pl outputs kargs in wrong format provision defect gmk new 09/12/2014
#63 Make sure all object properties can be set from wwsh cli general defect gmk new 09/03/2014
#1 Create a module for Bind integration general 0.1 enhancement mej new 05/11/2011
#39 Change how Warewulf::SystemFactory determines OS general enhancement gmk new 08/25/2011
#51 wwsh file sync should provide a warning if specified file does not have a defined ORIGIN general enhancement gmk new 05/08/2012
#60 wwvnfs writes configuration files irregardless of whether the correct options are passed general Feature Update 3.2 defect gmk new 08/03/2012
#36 Move package list from mkchroot*.sh to a config file vnfs Feature Update 3.2 enhancement gmk accepted 08/03/2011
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