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#36 Move package list from mkchroot*.sh to a config file vnfs Feature Update 3.2 enhancement 08/03/2011

The ideal location would be /etc/warewulf/vnfs.conf. This way it would be a lot easier for people to customize their own VNFS. Currently it is hard coded in mkchroot scripts, e.g.,

yum --tolerant --installroot $VNFSDIR -y install \

SysVinit basesystem bash redhat-release chkconfig coreutils e2fsprogs ...

We may need to be careful about the format of this file though. I'd prefer to change it to:

[global] excludes = /usr/local, /usr/share/doc, /usr/share/locale, /opt

[redhat] packages = ...

[debian] packages = ...

[ubuntu] packages = ...


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