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(edit) @1218   6 years gmk Bumping version to 3.3.1
(edit) @1217   6 years gmk Adding vnfs 3.3 branch and including most recent fixes.
(edit) @1216   6 years gmk Fixes to wwlivesync.
(edit) @1213   6 years gmk Created branches for common/3.3 and provision/3.3, bumped versions and …
(edit) @973   6 years gmk ok... hopefully this will be the final fake release. good grief!
(edit) @972   6 years gmk 3.2 release of common, provision, vnfs and ipmi
(edit) @970   6 years gmk There was an edge case compatibility bug found that is about to be …
(edit) @969   6 years gmk Properly catch an invalid bootstrap.
(edit) @964   6 years gmk Creating branch for 3.2 vnfs.
(edit) @963   6 years gmk Creating branch for 3.2 provision.
(edit) @962   6 years gmk Creating branch for 3.2 ipmi.
(edit) @961   6 years gmk Creating branch for 3.2 common.
(edit) @718   7 years gmk Backporting r717 (wwconfig fixes for shell)
(edit) @712   7 years gmk Merging [711] with released branches: "Fixing bug with running from cron …
(edit) @676   7 years gmk Creating branches and tags for 3.1 release of common, provision, vnfs, and …
(edit) @617   7 years gmk Fixed up the format of the dynamic_hosts file. Also added a default '.' …
(edit) @616   7 years gmk Look for the system's log in multiple locations and fail out properly if …
(edit) @607   7 years gmk Update the SPEC file for warewulf-provision so it automatically includes …
(edit) @604   7 years gmk Fix to wwbootstrap to make sure dependencies are included that are in a …
(edit) @597   7 years gmk Fixed minor bug if exporting VNFS can not open output file.
(edit) @595   7 years gmk Just checking to see if anybody is paying attention.
(edit) @594   7 years gmk When provisioning files, create the basedir if it does not exist.
(edit) @553   7 years gmk Update branches for provision and vnfs with capability path changes.
(edit) @548   7 years gmk Creating SVN branches and tags for 3.0 release of common, provision, and …
(add) @547   7 years gmk Pluralizing svn names.
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